Aug 2013 30
What real American made looks like – Sons of Anarchy Leather Highways production
Aug 2013 22

Every leather highway is cut by hand 1 at a time and patches are added with glue and then sewn down.  Here is a cut of leather highways before they go to Piston sewers.  American Made all the way!


Mar 2012 01


Johnny Lucero’s Piston Clothing produces the Sons of Anarchy Outerwear Collection

by Andrew Asch, Retail Editor California Apparel News, February 29, 2012

For years, brothers Johnny Lucero and Eric Anthony faced off in a friendly completion, each designing clothes for the hot-rod set. More recently, the family competition has played out through licensing biker jackets from popular TV shows and movies with a need for speed. In December, Anthony’s Steady Clothing label, based in Santa Ana, Calif., licensed the satin racer’s jacket from the hit movie “Drive.” Lucero, who shares office space with Anthony, refused to be outdone by his brother.


Piston Clothing launches Sons of Anarchy Outerwear at MAGIC Trade Show in Las Vegas.
Feb 2012 22

Get a first glimpse of Sons of Anarchy outerwear by Piston Clothing at the MAGIC trade show in Las Vegas February 13 – 15th.   Piston Clothing is exhibiting at the Mandalay Bay convention center, in the STREET section, booth # 29021.

Piston Clothing presents Sons of Anarchy Jackets in Las Vegas.